Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire

By: Delana H Stewart

Jim Cymbala, pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle gives remarkable testimony to the power of the Holy Spirit in his book Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire. He speaks of not measuring a church by its Sunday morning attendance, but rather by its Tuesday night prayer meeting attendance.

He also talks about checking the vital signs of a church or individual by its prayer life: “Prayer is the Source of the Christian life, a Christian’s lifeline.”

Why is corporate prayer important? “If my church or your church isn’t praying, we shouldn’t be boasting in our orthodoxy or our Sunday morning attendance figures.” (pp 50-51).  One point Pastor Jim makes is that the enemy is not driven back by credentials or size or beauty but by prayer. For a church to be a praying church, individuals within the church need to be praying.fresh wind, fresh fire, Jim Cymbala, prayer

Need to see God move in your life? The testimonies in this book would provide encouragement, and they will challenge you in your walk.

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Listen to: Brooklyn Tabernacle Sermon’s

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