Epic by John Eldredge

John EldredgeBy: Delana H Stewart

A year or so ago, my husband recommended that I read a little book called Epic by John Eldredge. My husband and sons had all read the book, so I decided to read it, too. John Eldredge can pack a lot into a tiny book! If you desire to improve your walk with the Lord, this book will help you understand the story that you are living.

Here are some quotes:

“Every story, great and small, shares the same essential structure because every story we tell borrows its power from a Larger Story, a Story woven into the fabric of our being…”

“We live in a far more dramatic, far more dangerous Story than we ever imagined.”

“Things are not what they seem…We are at war…You have a crucial role to play.”

After you read Epic, check this out: http://www.epicreality.com/tale.html for the continuing story.

Pick up your copy of Epic from Ransomed Heart Ministries.

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