Breakthrough Prayer

Breakthrough Prayer by Jim Cymbala, author of Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire, explains principles that transform lives. It reminds us of God’s desire to connect with us and bless us through the answering of prayer. God wants His followers to stand out “like a light in a day dominated by fear and depression.” This book points us to the blessings, fruitfulness, power, holiness, joy, and timing of experiencing breakthroughs in our prayer lives. Here are some quotes from this amazing book:

“In truth, nothing can overcome the blessing of God on our lives even though he permits us to face battles along the way. Even the permitted hardships and conflicts we endure against the enemy are part of his plan to bless us.” –pp 18-19

“God’s plan for our lives includes the ‘where’ we should go and the ‘what’ we should do. Waiting before him for direction is never a waste of time. As we pray, we will also learn that ‘less’ is often ‘more’ as the Lord guides our steps.” –p. 57

“The world has yet to see a Christlike, victorious, fruitful believer who was not a person of considerable prayer.” –p. 61

“The first rule of prayer is not ‘faith,’ but whether the request is according to God’s will.” –p. 92

“Scripture tells us that God ‘determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name’ (Psalm 147:4). Think about it! What ‘big’ problem are you facing right now that is too hard for him? What possible need is Breakthrough Prayer, Jim Cymbala, waitingbeyond his ability to supply?”–p. 100

My personal 10+ year adoption journey is testimony of this final quote from Cymbala’s book:

“God wants you to know that his answers are always worth waiting for! But remember, while you’re waiting, Satan might whisper that you are alone and forsaken. Never forget God’s word of assurance: ‘Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has born? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!’ (Isaiah 49:15)…Keep holding onto the Lord today no matter how you feel, no matter how bad things get.”

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