Veiled and Unveiled!

veilsYesterday, as I was reading 2 Corinthians chapters 3 and 4, I was struck anew with the comparison of God’s glory on Moses’ face and the glory on the face of one who believes in Christ and is filled with the Spirit of the living God. Paul says that the glory under the law on Moses’ face was so great that he had to veil his face. But our faces are unveiled and the glory that shines on them because of Christ is an even brighter, greater glory. faces

When a bunch of followers of Jesus are gathered together, it is difficult to notice the brightness of the glory shining forth. This is similar to turning on a lamp in a well lit room. However, when a believer is in the midst of those without hope, it is similar to turning on a flashlight in a dark room at night. The light shines forth so bright.

According to Paul, the enemy can blind the minds of others so they cannot see the light of the glory of Christ shining forth. This is sad, but also gives us insights in how to pray.

Light is meant for dark places, not to make light places even lighter. Go where the light of Christ shining in you can make a difference…and let it shine!



Watch this great music video on You Tube of the Graham Kendrick song Shine Jesus Shine:

Listen to 2 Corinthians on the free audio Bible from Faith Comes by Hearing:


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