Brain Freeze

While many of you are having major snow storms and would consider our temperatures a warm front, it has been getting cooler here the last few days. This morning we saw several people put on jackets as the temperature dipped to 53 F. I have heard that we might even see as low as 46F this week!  About 6 or 7 years ago in a very cold place and suffering from any real inspiring thing to write about (as my brain must have had frostbite) I wrote the following poem:

When it turned cold the other nightrain, storm, clouds, sky

And dark, we sat by candle light.

And in the corner set the trash,

A bin of paper, such a sight.

You might think it kind of rash,

But in an instant I did dash

To start a fire and watch it burn

The papers down to blackened ash.

I thought it strange, but I did yearn

For someone else to take a turn

To burn the trash and papers old,

And in so doing I might learn

How another could be so bold

To listen to my story told

Of burning trash in fire bright,

The other night when it turned cold.

(c) Delana S


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