Veggie Toilets

outhouseLiving overseas is an adventure. Bringing up children is always an adventure. But what happens when you put the two together? Learning to live in new cultures means new vocabulary words. We’ve seen and used many different types of toilets and bathrooms…everything from elaborate (another word for gaudy) thrones to out houses and chicken houses.

In many places, the toilet is no more than a hole in the ground. In some places the hole might have wood around it for standing on (the squatty potty). The first squatty potty I had ever seen was actually a porcelain one in an airport (thankfully, that particular time, there was a choice).

Yesterday, my daughter spent some time playing with one of the neighbors. My husband asked her if the neighbors had an inside toilet or outside one. She said, “Daddy, it’s inside, but it’s a squashy potty.”

--My niece--

Broccoli, squash and peas, gotta be…Veggie Toilets!


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