Someone Please Shoot That Rooster!

The rooster next door does NOT know how to tell time. I never grew up on a farm, so maybe I am just ignorant in this area; however, I always thought that roosters crow at dawn, wake everyone up, and that’s that. Well, the rooster next door starts crowing at least an hour before dawn and then continues until nearly noon!

There are many, many mornings that I do not want to wake up at 4:30am…as in most of them…okay all of them. I’m an early riser, sure, but even early risers have their limits!

Two days ago, my little princess crawled in bed with me around 4am. I’m wondering if she just read my thoughts or if she has heard me say it in my sleep, but she said…no kidding…

“Someone please shoot that rooster!”



One thought on “Someone Please Shoot That Rooster!

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