When a Daughter Understands

mother daughter poem, mother's day poem  A Mother’s Day poem about the day when a daughter finally begins to understand the journey her mother experienced. Delana H. Stewart (c) 2000twin babies, twins in crib A newer version has been posted. See “What  a Mama Does.” See also: A brand new poem for Mother’s Day: “For All Those Days.” Mother’s Day: A Time to Dance, A Time to Cry Rest in the Hand ************************

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When a Daughter Understands

By: Delana H. Stewart

Sometimes a daughter doesn’t know the road her mama’s traveled.

She doesn’t understand from her mama’s point of view.

She sees through foggy lenses ‘til she gets older, wiser.

She doesn’t really see, ‘til she’s a mama, too.

She doesn’t see the sacrifices her mama daily made,

The love that’s never ending though differences displayed.

Every cough and midnight fever Mama sat upon the bed.

Every pleasure set aside for every story read.

She doesn’t see the selfless offerings in each present Mama made,

Or the tears her mama shed each time her daughter’s heart gave way.

All the praying and the crying, all the loving just because,

All the hoping and the dreaming are the things a mama does.

Sometimes a daughter doesn’t know ‘til she looks back with wide-eyed wonder and stands amazed at all her mama did.

Then she ponders how her mama gave so much and took so little, while all along mama’s own desires hid.

Now the daughter’s older, maybe wiser; she sees her mama’s point of view.

And she hopes and prays she’ll be that kind of mama, too!

DH Stewart © 2000 — All rights reserved

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