Sixteen Candles

In only two months my firstborn son is getting married. On his 16th birthday I wrote the following poem, not realizing how difficult it would be to let go of the little boy and embrace the man…



         Sixteen candles
Will soon alight your cake.
I can’t believe the years have passed
So quickly to this place.
You’re growing in
So many different ways.
No longer boy, not yet a man,
One day a girl will hold your hand–
And I’ll no longer be the one
you seek for comfort, love, and fun.
It is as it should be.
Sixteen candles.

–April 2006, Delana H. Stewart


Growing Up a poem about a little boy growing up and getting married.

Family, Mommy, Faith, Education, Inspiration

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4 thoughts on “Sixteen Candles

  1. I found the leave a comment link!

    Though there is no girl in Nicholas’ immediate future, I experienced similar thoughts at his graduation a couple of weeks ago. As I watched him from my seat he was searching the crowd for someone. I instinctively knew he wasn’t looking for me. He, fortunately, wasn’t looking for a girl, but instead specific friends and mentors. This caused a combination of emotions to swell up in my soul. Mostly however, I felt proud. I knew that meant he was growing up with more maturity into the man God has called him to be.

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