Hit the Bunny Trail

The sign read: Alligator and Snake Habitat

Not long ago, my husband and I both hated running. We grew up not liking it and, as many others, found many “valid” excuses not to run. We are both fast walkers and really thought we could get adequate exercise just walking fast regularly. There is even a lot of scientific support out there for that.

Earlier this year, my husband began the couch to 5K program. Recently, he inspired and encouraged me to begin running with him. He bought me a heart monitor similar to his and off we went. Initially, we ran at the park. Each lap is 1/3 of a mile. That way, he could keep running when my heart monitor said it was time to walk. I quickly learned that walking fast does not provide the same kind of exercise to the lungs and heart as running does.

I am not yet quite up to his pace, but today we ran on a nature trail…where the sign read “Alligator and Snake Habitat.” I’m glad we didn’t see any of those around! Probably, the morning was too cool. However, we did see plenty of rabbits and birds of all feathers. I’m quite sure the bunnies and birds were thankful for the cool morning, too, because they probably have to hide when the weather warms up enough for the gators to come out. The trail winded through a marsh and by a glistening bay. I even spotted two dolphins (a mother and her baby) in the bay.

Besides the health benefits of running, being out in nature nurtures the soul. So, why don’t you hit the bunny trail?

7 thoughts on “Hit the Bunny Trail

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