If Marriage were a School Subject

If marriage were a school subject, would it be more like math and science or art, drama, and PE?

Marriage is not about a husband giving 50% and a wife giving 50%. It is about 100% + 100% = 100%. That’s not logical or mathematical, but that is what it takes for a marriage to work. So, marriage would not be like math.

Marriage is not about finding the right method or formula, so it would not be like science.

Marriage takes creativity and determination. It is not about painting by number. It can be messy, but can truly be a beautiful work of art.

Marriage requires expression, acceptance, determination and unfolds like a drama.

Marriage is like a marathon demanding perseverance, endurance, commitment.

If marriage were a school subject…what do you think it would be?


2 thoughts on “If Marriage were a School Subject

  1. All of the above! Keeping a successful and mutually enjoyable relationship going should earn you a college degree, maybe even a Masters 🙂 I think this can be expanded to friendships or relationships with parents and siblings. They’re never easy, but the work you put in is certainly reflective of the ‘grade’ you get in the end.

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