The Beauty of an Aging Mind

My husband likes to tease me every time I start to say something and forget what I was going to say, and whenever I misplace something like keys. He reminds me that I am not getting younger. It is true that our first grandchild is on the way, but on the other hand my parents are still living and one grandparent, so I am not old in comparison.

My husband should be thankful for my aging mind. This morning during my quiet time I was reflecting on forgiveness and how easy it is to want to forgive someone and yet hold a grudge. I thought about a time about 6 months ago when I got really angry at something my husband had done or said. I remember what I did as a result of that anger, but I could not remember what it was that had made me so angry. Ah….there is beauty in an aging mind when it causes us not to hold a grudge because we can no longer remember what it was we were angry about!


4 thoughts on “The Beauty of an Aging Mind

  1. It helps to be gentle even when you remember exactly what was maddening! Every time it happens I swear I won’t allow it again. Guess what, by the time I forget about it – yep, it happens once more. It takes some people quite a while before they realize the consequences are getting more harsh – maybe that’s the danger of some forgetting too fast! Life is interesting, and we wouldn’t want it any other way! Good post!

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