Today I read a post on the blog “Our Life Journey.” the post had a lot to do with the initials IF. It reminded me about a poem I wrote during our nearly decade-long journey to adopting our daughter. Tanya’s post reminded me of all the questions like If, When, Where, How…that came to my mind daily on our journey. Her blog and others that I have read today, also reminded me of the many times I would see a little girl with her father and wonder when my little girl would come. Here is poem I wrote during that season. I am thankful that I am on a new phase of the journey now, one with my daughter sitting by my side as I type.


                                                        How can one unknown

Be loved so strong?

Will the hurts bring pain?

Will the nights bleed long?

Will my song forever be

A question floating on the sea

Of Tomorrow?

 Delana S ©1999

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4 thoughts on “How?

    • Yes, that is our precious little girl! When that picture was taken, I was not thinking about this poem. When I looked through my pics to find an appropriate picture to go with the poem, those two were the obvious choices.

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