Tummy Mommy

elephant painting, Thailand elephant, Chiang Mai, trunk painting, adoption, birth mothers

Painting drawn by an elephant in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I wish I was your tummy mommy

and carried you inside of me.

Then you wouldn’t have that empty space

that time just cannot erase,

nor all my love



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6 thoughts on “Tummy Mommy

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I wish I was a tummy-mommy, too. What a blessing it must be to physically carry your child at the very beginning of their creation and life. But I am so blessed by God’s grace to be a heart-mommy! I am grateful and exceedingly honored that He chose me out of the Mommies in the world to carry my children in my heart!

    • I am thankful to be a tummy mommy to my three sons, but my heart aches for my daughter every time she struggles with this. Not only did I miss out on this part of her life, but on her early toddler years, too. Whenever she talks about missing her tummy mommy, I listen, and then I tell her how much I wish I was her tummy mommy.

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