A Duck and a Buck

Seeing one duck, two buck, three doe and hundreds of birds made for a beautiful morning!

When we were getting ready to leave the house to hit the bunny trail today, our daughter angrily expressed her preference to stay at home and watch cartoons. We told her that she had to go with us, but she did have some choices she could make. She could keep screaming and crying and not get any TV privileges when we got back, or she could get ready to go peacefully. She could choose to walk/run on the trail with us, or she could choose to take her bike. Thankfully, she stopped crying and made good choices: she would go peacefully and take her bike.

Seeing all the deer out on the trail today was a wonderful reward! She was so happy she got to go (even though we didn’t see any bunnies today). She did say she saw a baby alligator. All in all, we enjoyed the morning out together.


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