Grains of Sand


 The hourglass was set in place—Time began and here I am.

The last orange-yellow rays slowly sink into the trees.

A chirping cricket cries in the distance for a mate.

A chilling brittle breeze wisps through my hair.

Under bells that tower high above is

Where now I sit.  Sirens heard in

The distance fade.  Buildings

Stand applauding each one

Who enters.  They come

And they go as if

Time didn’t



Fades and

Here I still sit.

A leaf falls to the

Ground as if the tree

Will just bud again next

Spring.  People needing people,

People needing the Son, silently cry out.

The silent cries resound off the red brick

Building walls that continue to just applaud. Time stops.

God is returning!   The last grains of sand trickle through


Delana H. Stewart (c) 1988

hourglass, time, sunset hourglass

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