Water, Oil, and Soap

You have likely seen pictures or news stories of oil spills and the mess they make in our oceans. If so, you have seen the nasty black oil floating on the water, clinging to birds, fish, other wildlife, and polluting the shore.

This morning I read a beautiful analogy made by Brenda Quinn in the book she co-authored with Philip Yancey — Meet the Bible. She compares God, in his holiness, to water. The Bible gives many comparisons of Jesus being the living-water, pure and sustaining. She compares humans and our sinfulness to oil (think nasty oil spill). From your childhood science experiments you know that oil and water just don’t mix!

Finally, she compares Jesus to soap! Soap, she says, is “one substance that can allow water to interact effectively with oil” cleaning and dissolving it. “Through Jesus,” Brenda says, “God remains fully true to himself and fully true to the love he has always possessed for his people.” p. 140.



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