Getting What You Asked For

The title Getting What You Asked For actually has different connotations. It could be an answer to prayer according to God’s timing and choice, and it could be an answer given based on God giving in to your request … and/or a person taking a matter in his or own hands not waiting on God.

This morning I read a devotional based on the Biblical history of the Israelites when they wanted a king “just like all the other nations had.” In Meet the Bible, authors Philip Yancey and Brenda Quinn share 366 daily Bible readings and their reflections. In this section, Brenda shares:

“…God has answered many a prayer for a relationship or marriage partner, a job, a home, a child, and scores of other requests. Like the Israelites, many believers anticipate this response from God and shut their ears, insisting instead on their own way. God gives in and grants the request, allowing also the difficulties that may accompany this choice. Other believers accept God’s answer and wait, only to find that their desire has changed or that God’s timing and choice is abundantly better than their own would have been.

Be careful what you pray for — you might get it. Make your prayer God’s prayer by offering to him your requests and then, with open hands, letting his prayer become your own. (p. 181)”

Many people have asked me why our adoption journey took over nine years. It was because at every seemingly opened door along the way, we prayed, “God, if this is not your plan for us please close this door.” And He did. It was not without much tears and not understanding or knowing why those doors had to close along the way. But, in hindsight, we can certainly say that His timing and choice was infinitely better than ours would have been. From the very beginning of the journey, I knew that there would come challenging days when bringing a child into our family, and I did not want to find myself saying, “Delana, look what trouble you’ve brought upon yourself!” Instead, I wanted to be able to say, “God, you brought this child into our family, now show us how to best raise her.”

At the end of today’s devotional Brenda asks: “What is the desire that burns within you today? Have you been praying about this desire? Tell God that you want what is truly good for you, knowing that he knows so much better what you need.”


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