A Writer’s Confession

The Writer Give me paper and pen and I will write all day, all night. If I have not paper, a napkin will do, an empty gum wrapper the sole of my shoe. I’ve even been known to write on my hand until I get home to record it, and Add to my journal the…

Can You Hear Me Now?

This morning one of my son’s and I were discussing faith. I commented to him that it seemed in my own life that when I was a baby in my faith in God, that I could pray about something and see an answer almost instantly. Then, as I grew, it seemed that God allowed me…

Plain and Simple

Today my devotional has me contemplating simplicity. How can I practice simplicity? Is there something you have done to simplify your life? The devotional that had me thinking about this today is the chapter on Soul Freedom in the book Embracing Soul Care by Stephen W. Smith.

Standing on the Promises

One of my favorite old time hymns is “Standing on the Promises” by Russel Kelso Carter. (Click on the link for the story behind the song). When I viewed these pictures taken by my husband and me, this song came to my mind. The second verse of the song says: Standing on the promises that…

light sabre, hoodie girl, sword wielding, sword, giants, fighting

Fighting Inner Giants

she talked about the other kinds of giants that effect many of us and many of those around us, such as: “addictions, feelings of personal inadequacy or unworthiness, fear of failure, brokenness from failed relationships, guilt over past mistakes, feelings of isolation, fear of disease or death.” God knows our giants!