Can You Hear Me Now?

This morning one of my son’s and I were discussing faith.

I commented to him that it seemed in my own life that when I was a baby in my faith in God, that I could pray about something and see an answer almost instantly. Then, as I grew, it seemed that God allowed me to go through (or grow through) periods of waiting, times of silence, answers of “not now.”

At the same time, we both said the popular cell phone phrase “Can you hear me now?”

My morning devotion ran along a similar theme. In the book Meet the Bible Brenda Quinn said: “Just when I think I know what God is up to in my life, he changes directions and does something I’m not expecting. Although it’s disorienting at times, I know God has a bigger and more intricate plan for me than I’ll ever foresee. Each direction reminds me that I’ll always need an attitude of waiting. I’ll never arrive spiritually at a place where I can predict God’s ways.” (p. 498).

In this section, she also tells a story about Macrina Wiederkehr about the miracle of watching bread dough rise. While her story was a good lesson in and of itself, it had me pondering my own bread rising story. It always amazed me that for many recipes, the dough would rise all beautifully and then I would have to punch it down and wait all over again for a second rising.

Sometimes we are at that place spiritually. God allows circumstances in our lives to cause us to deflate and find a warm, quiet place to experience a second rising.


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