I am recently working through the study guide of the book When Life is Hard by James MacDonald.

Like holding up the head of a premature infant fighting for breath and life, God holds up my head in my helplessness.

In the lesson for Day 1 the following quote on page 14 really jumped out at me:

“God knows unless we realize our helplessness, we won’t rely on Him or experience all He has for us and all He can accomplish through us. You see, God really knows what He’s doing!”

That is what I am clinging to today . . . how about you?


One thought on “Helplessness

  1. This is true a in general sense, when we begin our Christian life, and at various stages along the way. One lady who’s been there told me, “when you are widowed God just carries you.”
    The Scriptures are so rich in metaphors! “As new-born babes” we should “desire the sincere milk of the Word.” Later we’re told not to stay as babes, nourishing ourselves only on milk–the easy stuff–but to exercise ourselves by eating “meat” (a deep study of the various teachings of our Lord.)
    We are the branches grafted into His Vine; if the life of the vine doesn’t constantly flow thorugh us we’ll wither and die. “We are the sheep of His pasture”–following our Shepherd, trusting Him to choose the way, but sometimes wandering to one side or the other and getting caught in a “thorny thicket.”
    The Word gives so many beautiful examples so each and every reader or hearer can find a place for themselves..

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