Beauty and the Beast

In my devotional reading today in the book Embracing Soul Care by Stephen W. Smith, I reflected on the way our senses affect our souls. Today’s lesson focused specifically on the sense of sight.

The author shares: “Nothing speaks to our souls with as much force as pain and beauty. Pain stops us in our tracks with blunt force trauma; beauty soothes and ministers. Beauty ushers us into places of the soul that breathe life, inspiration, awe. Seeing beauty, we hear the voice of the God who inspired it. Beauty turns our eyes toward Jesus” (p. 170).

While Stephen Smith did not elaborate on pain, I found myself mulling over my own question: “What does pain usher in?”

From the time I was small and scraped my knee or bumped my head, I observed in my own life how pain ushered in comfort, help, and healing from loved ones in my life.

Pain of childbirth ushers in new life and joy.

Deep pains, sorrows, both physically and emotionally, sometimes reach depths prohibiting those around to bring the comfort and help and healing needed. They sometimes go deeper than a mother’s care or doctor’s prescription can treat.

But I have seen with my own eyes and experienced in my life how pain (physical and emotional) ushers us into the very throne room of God, at the very feet of Jesus.

So, through beauty and pain our eyes are turned to Jesus!


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