3 Reasons Why I Liked the Old Topics View Better

Anyone else out there frustrated by the way the “Topics” tab works now?

Dear WordPress, If you really want to know what other WordPress viewers think about the new view, freshly press this and see what kind of response you get.

I liked the old view better because:

1. I could quickly skim through hours worth of popular articles by heading and photo to determine if there were recent articles that would interest me. The old view did not require me to wait for large photos to upload for articles I didn’t want to read. Sometimes I cannot even get it to go beyond the “wait there’s more” phrase to show me the next page.

2. Searching by topic (whether by clicking on a common topic or inserting the word in search) brought up a nice, easy-to-read through list.

3. I liked how it showed the top two featured posts for that category.

Someone probably likes this new view better. Please leave a comment to tell me why, maybe I will learn to like it, too.

If, like me, you do not like it either, please “like” this post and leave a comment as to why. Perhaps WordPress will take notice.

And if by chance there is still a way for me to view the topics the old way, and I just have not discovered it, please let me know how!


5 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I Liked the Old Topics View Better

  1. This view slows down my loading and viewing. I would often click through several pages of the old view and get a good look at the latest posts in that topic. I give up much quicker with this one.

    • I get tired of waiting, too! And so I end up looking at a whole lot less posts because I do not want to wait and wade through it all! Thanks for contributing your thoughts! I hope others will, too, but it may end up on a second or third page soon and hidden beneath the continual “wait there’s more” conundrum.


  2. Ug, I like the old view better too. This new feed is like twitter–which is great for twitter, where you want to read the newest stuff and aren’t interested in reading stuff posted more than fifteen minutes ago–but the whole glory of blogging is that the content doesn’t go stale for at least a week. I want to sort through the great content of the whole day. This new feed doesn’t really allow that as much.

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