Learning from Disappointment

“When have you most wanted a miracle in your life and been disappointed? What did you learn from the experience?”  

Philip Yancey asked these contemplative questions in my devotional reading today in Meet the Bible. They definitely provided me cause to pause.

Three experiences in my life came to mind.

1)      My parents’ divorce.

What I experienced:

I thought back to the time I was 12 years old and wanted more than anything for my parents to not break up. I prayed for it. I prayed for reconciliation.

What I learned:

I could not control other people. I could not control everything that happened to me. I could control how I would respond and how I would choose to live my life. I also learned that God redeems bad situations and continues to care for me and provide for me.

 2)      The death of my step-Grandmother.

What I experienced:

While I was in college, my step-Grandmother suffered from liver cancer. I prayed that she would be healed. She died.

What I learned:

God is in control, not me. There is always a bigger picture.

 3)      Closed doors in our adoption journey.

What I experienced:

During a decade of waiting, there were many doors that closed along the way. Experiences that threatened to steal my joy, peace, hope, and trust.

What I learned:

Always hope. Always believe. Always trust. Never give up! Closed doors are often God’s way of directing our steps to the situation and timing best for us. Closed doors often bring us to a point of truly seeking Him, trusting Him, depending on Him.

–Delana H. Stewart

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