Cheri Register, international kids, international children, international adoption, adopted kids, adopted children, three girls, family with girlsReview by Delana H. Stewart

While internationally adopted children are grafted into a new family tree, many will desire to one day at least go visit their homelands. Some will desire to find living relatives.

In her book “Are Those Kids Yours?” author Cheri Register goes beyond talking about international adoption and raising internationally adopted children, to help all of us consider how to help other parents keep their children. She closes her book with “If each of us were to develop a genuine, fond commitment to the people of another place, we might keep some other family’s hopes and dreams from washing away.”

Cheri does a great job including quotes from both adoptive parents and adopted children (young and young adult). Two of my favorite chapters in her book were “What Are You?” and “Back to Beginnings.” These two chapters take a look at how internationally adopted children fit into society as they grow into adulthood. Are they American or _____________(the nationality of their birth)? Many discover that they have a hard time completely fitting in to either culture. Even as they seek out others from their homeland who have immigrated to America, many find that they do not quite fit in to that group either.

I appreciated her honest look at issues, as well as providing stories from adoptees on both sides (those who decide as adults that they truly are girl running by water, girl at dock, girl running arms open wide, asian girl, international adoption, nine year pregnancyAmerican and wish to stay in America, as well as those who really want to return to their homelands not only for a visit. In some ways, they experience similar emotions to American kids raised in other countries as their parents have worked abroad in business, military, humanitarian, or missions-related roles. (I talked some of this in my post Cultural Flip-flop.)

Are Those Kids Yours?–American Families with Children Adopted from Other Countries” by Cheri Register is a book I am sure I will revisit in a couple of years when my daughter enters her teenage years.


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