Adopting a Future Olympian — Top 5

1. Reese Hoffa – American Shot Put champ adopted at age 4. View his homepage here. View an interview about being adopted. In this Olympic rings, Olympics, Adoption, Reese Hoffa, Jordan Pisey Windle, Nick Delpopolo, Jen Bricker Dominique Moceanuinterview he shares his experience as well as words of wisdoms for families adopting older children and families adopting outside their race. Reese is competing in the 2012 Olympics.

2. Jordan Pisey  Windle – 13 year old diver tried out at the 2012 Olympic trials and hopes to be on the team for the 2016 summer Olympics. View his homepage here. Here’s an article about his journey to the Olympics. He was adopted as a two year old from Cambodia.

3. Nick Delpopolo – 23 yr. old Judo champion competing in the 2012 Olympics. View his homepage here. Born in Montenegro, Nick was adopted at 21 months. Here is an article about his life and Olympic journey from team USA.

4 and 5. Jen Bricker—24 year old professional aerial gymnast and junior Olympian was given up for adoption as an infant because she had no legs. She discovered that she was the biological sister of 1996 Olympic gold medalist Dominique Moceanu and contacted her in 2007. Learn more about nature v. nurture and Jen and Dominique’s story in this article. See Dominique’s website and learn about her book Off Balance. Follow Jen on Facebook.


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