Puttin’ Out Fires

A recent trip to Beaumont, Texas included a trip to the firehouse museum. What an exciting place! And admission is free (donations accepted). For more information, visit their website at Fire Museum of Texas. October is National Fire Prevention Month. You may want to explore more about being aware and prepared by clicking this link.

fire truck, fire engine, red truck, old fire truck, Beaumont, Texas

Little Red Engine

Below is an amazing Old Time Ladder Truck! We could not believe the length of it.

fire truck, fire station, ladder truck, old fire truck, Beaumont, Texas
fire truck, Beaumont Fire Department, brass bell, red truck, old time truck

Saved by the bell

fire hydrant, dalmatian hydrant, spotted hydrant, largest hydrant, Beaumont, Texas

World’s Third Largest Fire Hydrant

fire hydrant dog house, Beaumont, Fire Museum

Fire Station Dog house

fire hydrant, fire fighter girl, girl helmet boots, putting out fires

Fire Girl to the rescue

fire truck, small fire truck, girl in fire fighter uniform, fire fighter girl, Beaumont, Texas

Fire Girl and her truck

smoky the bear, brown bear, fires, forest fire, fire prevention

You, too, can prevent forest fires!


9 thoughts on “Puttin’ Out Fires

  1. I bet they tried hard to avoid backing up in the Old Time Ladder Truck! That would take some skill! Looks like you had fun!

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