Thisfunctional Family

Often we hear about the dysfunctional family. Obviously within a family lives a strange assortment of characters, and as each younger character girl in cake, cake in Mexico, adoptiongrows toward adulthood and independent thinking and living the family becomes even more different. What makes a family functional? Caring about and loving each one regardless of the differences. Praising strengths, supporting weaknesses, putting others’ needs first.

At various times in their growing up more than one of my biological and adopted children have felt like they were unlike the rest of the family. Being family is not about being “like” the others in the family unit, but rather about relating to one another out of a deep commitment to love.

Today in my devotional reading, I came across a word-picture of the church as family. Philip Yancey, in Meet the Bible, writes:

“Family is the one human institution we have no choice over. We get in simply by being born, and as a result we are involuntarily thrown together with a menagerie of strange and unlike people. Church calls for another step: to voluntarily choose to band together with a strange menagerie because of a common bond in Jesus Christ. I have found that such a community more resembles a family than any other human institution.”

Delana H. Stewart


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