Is God Someone You Know?

Not just someone I believe in, My God is Someone I know.

To believe is to accept as true. My God and I know each other intimately.

Intimacy involves time together, trust, loyalty and honesty—twins, three babies, baby baby, sisters

Knowing someone in a personal way, deep, thorough.

Before my birth He knew me, my body He formed.

Before my thoughts became words, He knew every one.

I’ve felt Him near me and seen Him at work.

In the dead of night He has awakened me tenderly.

Through friends and neighbors, He has ministered compassionately.

He has changed my plans, my direction, and given me purpose.

He softened my heart and opened my eyes–

He sent a cool breeze, a song, and an alluring sunrise.

He has healed me and rescued me numerous times.

He heals me from sickness and pain–or carries me through.

hiking, valleys, desert, rocky ground, rocky hillsHe delivers me from evil that wages war with my soul—

From selfishness, worry, fear, and pride.

He delivers me to compassion, love, trust, and humility.

He rescues me from guilt and carries me through dark valleys.

Time and again, answered prayers I’ve seen.

He seeks those who are running from Him.

He answers those who call out to Him.

With those who open the door to Him, He eats.

To those who ask Him, He heals.

And blessings are given, to those who will seek.

Through His Word, He speaks directly to me.

If encouragement or direction is what I need,

His Word pours it out in abundance on me.

When I’ve needed it, I have found conviction, correction, admonition.

When I need hope or love or joy or peace…

His Word speaks aptly, presently, directly to me.

Do I believe in God?  Yes!  But more than that, I Know Him.

How about you? Is God Someone you know?

Delana H. Stewart (c) 2005


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