Weekly Writing Challenge: Easy as Pie

This week’s WordPress Writing Challenge focuses on the use of metaphors and similes, so I thought I would take the challenge and tell you what I think about blogging and what WordPress means to me personally.

  • doorway, Florence Italy, doors of wood, entrywayWordPress is the doorway of the publishing castle and the scribe must enter in by nailing his theses to the door.
  • The blogger is like a diver, standing on tiptoe, poised perfectly waiting to dazzle and amaze. WordPress, the diving board, provides spring and position.
  • The blogger, no longer a wall-flower, is like a vine that grows as long as a country mile bearing fruit as sweet as honey.
  • WordPress, like a conductor, directs the poet and photographer and writer and mother allowing their chosen instruments to blend harmoniously like wind in the willows on a wintry pond.
  • And, Freshly Pressed is like a key that unlocks the door . . .

So, are you brave enough to take the challenge? O, Scribe, take the key, become the vine . . . the fruit is ripe for the picking!

–by: Delana H. Stewart


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