Can You Eat a Rainbow?

A few years ago, my daughter learned a song called “I Can Sing a Rainbow.” This song came to my mind as I was preparing my lunch yesterday. I vegetables, sliced veggies, orange capsicum, orange pepper, avocado, spinach dip, spinach yogurt, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, fresh spinach, spinach salad, spinach dip, Knorr spinach dip, Knorr soup mix, nonfat Greek yogurt, fat-free Greek yogurthave been trying to eat healthier and incorporate foods packed with vitamins and other health benefits. I especially wanted to get more yogurt into my diet (and not the fruity sweet kind). But I am not particularly fond of eating a container of plain yogurt by itself. So here’s what I did with nonfat Greek yogurt.

I am quite fond of spinach dip, though, and could eat more than a healthy amount of it. So, I decided to make a healthy spinach dip with fat-free Greek yogurt and fat-free regular yogurt. I used the Knorr Vegetable soup mix and followed their recipe substituting equal portions of those two yogurts in place of sour cream and mayonnaise. Their recipe includes diced water chestnuts, which I added to mine as well. It came out fantastic! Now I can eat a bowlful of spinach dip and feel good about it!

I still allow myself a few chip dippers, but mostly scoop up this healthy spinach dip with an assortment of raw veggies. Doctors say that eating a rainbow is good for you. The great news is since the dip is mostly spinach and yogurt, you could even just eat a cupful with a spoon.

Another Greek yogurt dip idea I have is: stirring in pico de gallo and avocado pieces.

How do you eat a rainbow?

How do you eat your yogurt?

–by: Delana H. Stewart


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