7 Days Becoming Unplugged

Between my work, my play, and my “social” life, I spend a lot of time on my computer. I love to write and therefore enjoy blogging, tweeting, and keeping up with friends and family on Facebook. Tonight, though, I have contemplated things that have become less in the meantime.

I spend less time writing in my journals (you know, those physical notebooks that you write in with a pen). “Writing” on the computer lacks the

Books, Journals, Writing, Notebooks, Prayer Journal, Pen and Journal, Pen and Notebook

feel and smell of a journal.

I spend less time reading books. Sure, I read plenty on blogs, websites, and news sites, but those lack the feel and smell of a good book.

I spend less time outdoors enjoying the sights and sounds of nature and being engaged in physical activity. (It is hard to see my computer screen outside). This is probably why I am lacking in Vitamin D.

But, most importantly, I am spending less time in prayer and Bible Study. Sure, I pray for people and current events as they are brought to my attention in blogs, media, and social forums. And, yes, I do read my Bible, but it is different. I feel lately like my learning from and communicating with God has been more like eating fast food and tweeting rather than enjoying a 7-course gourmet dinner and hours of conversation.

So, what do I intend to do about it?

Glad you asked! I have decided that beginning tomorrow I will work on becoming unplugged for 7 days. Because part of my job includes reading and answering e-mail, I will continue doing so. What will I not do for the next 7 days?

I will not:

Write on my blogs or read others’ blog posts.

Tweet or read tweets.

Communicate on Facebook (this will probably be the most challenging as it is how I stay in touch with my children).

prayer garden, woman praying, woman reading, Bible reading, sitting by pond, cross by pond, water gardenWhat I hope to do:

Pray more.

Read more books.

Journal more.

Spend more time outside.

Spend more time with people.

If you want to stay in touch with me during the next week, drop me an e-mail at 9yrpregnancy@gmail.com (and friends and family can call or e-mail me). Blog comments also show up in my e-mail. Any encouraging words are most welcome (as are prayer requests)!

Check back next week, and I will share my experiences from 7 days becoming unplugged.

What do you need to break away from and turn your focus to?

–Delana H. Stewart


6 thoughts on “7 Days Becoming Unplugged

  1. Good luck on your journey! It’s always nice getting away from electronics for a little while. It’s surprising how easy it is to forget about what’s happening online when you’re busy doing something. Hope it works out for you!

  2. I have done that and it is definitely worthwhile 🙂 Bless you dear lady on your blessed solitude! It will be very refreshing. I am looking forward to hearing what God is going to do.

  3. Sounds great. You are such a Godly woman and I am honored to have you as a Great Niece!! Would you remember me and Pam in prayer as we plan to go to Hawaii soon to see Kristin ,Josh,and my dear great grandchildren Rafe andBryson. Looking forward to hear from you next week on how it went. I love you Aunt Mildred.

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