5 Lessons from My Social Networking Sabbatical

By: Delana H. StewartWordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Welcome

  1. Reevaluating: I can survive and thrive without reading and writing on blogs, Facebook, and Twitter for one week. A break allowed me to step back and reevaluate my life and my time and my priorities.
  2. Refueling: Journaling in my notebook fulfills the need for writing and also deepens my spiritual life, but I did feel the loss of the connections to friends and family and fellow writers that I experience through social networking. Writing in my journal gave me time to reflect and think through a variety of ways to connect with friends and family and the Lord.
  3. Reading, Writing and Recollecting: A break from social networking is healthy and increases time for accomplishing other things. For me this meant more time in Bible study and prayer, starting and finishing a 320 page Karen Kingsbury novel called This Side of Heaven, starting and nearly finishing the book A Passion for Prayer: Experiencing Deeper Intimacy with God by Tom Elliff, writing longer letters via email to friends and family, preparing a meal for a bed-bound friend, writing and sending snail mail, and completing my upcoming book Three Days at Sea.
  4. Real-time Interacting: The break also increased face-to-face and phone time with friends and family, such as: spending a whole day (and part of another day) with my lovely and wise great aunt (who at 89 years old is active on blogs and Facebook), talking to family WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Twitter birdmembers on the phone, visiting the sick, and attending a gathering of international students in my community.
  5. Renewing: This week-long break from social networking has renewed my focus on what’s important and showed me ways that I intend to balance time spent in these venues so that I remain in control, instead of it controlling me.




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