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Today’s Daily Prompt: Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.

The eleventh picture Google images brought up perfectly tells a story in imagery that I told with words in my book Nine Year Pregnancy.

adoption, international adoption, transracial adoption, asian girl, contributions, financial aid

This photo is from the site Christian World Adoption. You can visit that site by clicking on the image.

Actually, the story is in the words of my husband, James:

“On one of our trips to the shopping center, Jade and I roamed around the store while Delana shopped for some clothes. Jade spotted a little pink purse on a clearance shelf. She started asking me for the purse, so I handed it to her to hold. I could tell she really liked it, and the price was only 30 U.S. cents, so I bought it for her.

This became her favorite new possession; she even wanted to sleep with it. The next day, I dropped a one baht coin (worth about three U.S. cents) in the purse and let her discover it as she played. She was so excited that I had put a coin in the purse. She did not want Delana or me to touch it. The next day we were with the social worker who told me that Jade could buy a piece of candy with one baht, and that is why she loved it so much.

Delana gave Jade a second one baht coin to carry around in her purse.  She counted the coins everywhere we went.  One day she lost one of the coins in the blanket on the bed at the guest house.  They had to search for awhile until they found it. 

Two days laterwe were in a store where there was a Red Cross collection box by the register. Jade looked at the box, then looked at her purse and seemed deep in thought for a few moments. Then she reached in her purse and dropped one of the coins in the box with a big smile on her face. We were amazed that she so happily gave up one of her precious coins.

The next day, while walking in an outdoor bazaar, we saw a young blind man singing. He had a wooden box for collections. Jade watched

adoption, adoptive dad, father daughter, Thailand girl, international adoption

James and Jade at the airport in Thailand.

him for a few moments with her only eye and then tapped me on the shoulder to take her to the blind man. I walked over, and she pulled out her one remaining coin and dropped it in the box. She grinned from ear to ear, and giggled excitedly. 

I was so touched that Jade gave up both coins to someone needier, rather than buying candy. It reminded me of the widow in the Gospel story

that gave her last two coins in the offering. You can only imagine just how proud I was of her. I am so encouraged by this sign that God is at work in Jade’s heart, and it is quite convicting that one who has so little is so cheerful and enthusiastic about giving.”

[An excerpt from p. 94, Nine Year Pregnancy.]

–Delana H. Stewart

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