Orphan Sunday: 5 Reasons Not to Adopt

November 3, 2013 is Orphan Sunday. orphan, adoption, orphan Sunday

A special emphasis is given in many churches on the need to adopt children. I have adopted a child, and I do believe that adoption can be a wonderful way to start or add to your family.  But, there are reasons why you should adopt and reasons why you should not adopt.

You really should not adopt if your only reason is:

  1. Because your church is celebrating orphan Sunday and the pastor gave a moving sermon on why more Christians need to adopt orphans.
  2. Because you want to rescue a child.
  3. Because you feel sorry for all the children without families in our country (or country X).
  4. Because you are pro life and therefore feel obligated to adopt (in order to support adoption and speak out against abortion).
  5. Because the Bible says to care for orphans. [Note: There are multiple ways to take care of orphans; adoption is one of the ways—and is a good way for those who want to start or add to their family by taking care of children without homes/families. If this is your only reason, then are you also taking in a widow and taking care of her in your home?]

international adoption, orphan, orphan Sunday, orphans, transracial adoption, adoptive father, orphanageThen why adopt?

  1. Because you want to love and care for and raise a child as your own—and thus choose adoption as a way to start or add to your family.


  2. Because God has laid it on your heart to start or add to your family this way and you now want to (and because adoption is one way to “care for orphans and widows in their distress.”

What do you think? Are there other things you would add to either list?

By: Delana H. Stewart, author of Nine Year Pregnancy

James 1:27– Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. (NIV)

Provide care to adoptive families: W.R.A.P. (click here)

Here’s an article by an adult adoptee who shares about this verse and about truly caring for orphans.


And here is a link to a great article on the LifeWay website about adoption healing– http://www.lifeway.com/Article/Homelife-Family-Hope-and-Healing-for-Parenting-Adopted-Children-Today?intcmp=LWMain-Article2-Parenting-Adopted-Children-20121112

Another great article is: 5 Questions to Ask Before Adopting

To listen to Delana sing “God Will Make This Trial a blessing” click here.

hugs, hugging dad, little girl hugging, adoption hug

A Father’s Embrace

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Want to journal your adoption journey?  click here to order.


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Found this on the web 4/7/13  and it has some similarities to my list above:

14 Wrong Reasons to Adopt

 And read this article by John Piper:

Christian Adoption: Disavowals and Affirmations

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10 thoughts on “Orphan Sunday: 5 Reasons Not to Adopt

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  5. Couldn’t agree more. I’m grateful to be a part of a church that does emphasize the many ways you can support the orphan and the widow. We just had a team dig a well in Honduras as part of our adoption/orphan ministry. So many ways to support widows and orphans besides adoption, although obviously I think that too is an essential piece 😉

    • Thanks for taking the time to read one of my posts and leaving a comment! Glad your church is involved in many pieces of ministering to widows and orphans. Blessings!

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