Preparing Yourself for Adoption

I just read an excellent article by Lesli Johnson called: 10 Things Adoptees Want You to Know.window gazing, girl at window

Among the 10 things, she includes these:

Adoptees want their adoptive parents to prepare emotionally and psychologically
before they bring them home to become a family.

The adoptee needs help to make sense of their “story.”

Many adoptees struggle with issues of self worth, shame, control and identity.

Take a look at her article for details on these and seven more.

I just released a new book for parents at any stage of the adoption journey. It is a prompted journal. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Other articles that might interest you:

7 tips for the adoption journey located on my Nine Year Pregnancy WordPress blog.

Another Friend’s Baby Shower (Is it okay to be angry?)

To purchase your adoption journal– My Paper Pregnancy Journal.  click here to order.


Adoption Videos on YouTube

Click here to view Delana’s YouTube Channel– Or, click the following for individual videos: Perseverance, Patience, Waiting, and Adoption Reading the Preface to Nine Year Pregnancy Singing “God Will make this trial a blessing” …

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4 thoughts on “Preparing Yourself for Adoption

    • I’ll send it to her just in case. She was very helpful to me in previewing a journal that I am publishing soon for families walking through their adoption journies.

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