My Blog by Any Other Name

–Delana H. Stewart

Today’s daily prompt, All About Me, motivates us to explain why we chose our blog’s title and what it means to us. It instantly made me think of red roses, pink roses, wild rose, rose petals, Valentine roses, Shakespeare rosethe line from William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

My blog, by any other name, would still be my blog . . . but only other people named Delana could have a blog named Delana’s World. And, through my WordPress blog, I have met a few other people named Delana (one even left a comment on the About Me page introducing herself).

I chose World for several reasons: 1) the blog hosts pictures, stories, devotions, and events as they pertain to me; 2) I travel the world and write about things I experience in the world; and, 3) no one else can view the world or write about the world through my senses, only I can. Thus, the name Delana’s World stuck.

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So, what about you?

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.


Adoption Videos on YouTube

Click here to view Delana’s YouTube Channel– Or, click the following for individual videos: Perseverance, Patience, Waiting, and Adoption Reading the Preface to Nine Year Pregnancy Singing “God Will make this trial a blessing” …

6 thoughts on “My Blog by Any Other Name

  1. Great post; it’s such a good idea to go back and examine that thought process that lead to us coming up with our blog names, as they are so important in many ways.

    My blog title just popped into my head one day whilst thinking about another internet project which never took off. Everything on the internet is ‘hyper’, in Greek it means ‘over or beyond’, and I’m a storyteller, but I’ve also dabbled in stand up comedy, radio and filmmaking. The Hyperteller therefore seems like a brilliant way to describe a writer on the internet. Plus, as I made up the word, it’s unique to me 🙂

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