To My Lover on Valentine’s Day

the happy coupleLover,

I will always love you.

I cherish every moment that we’ve shared.


You are loving, loyal, true.

Your constant devotion keeps me devoted, too.

Years have become milestones marked by

Dedication, compassion, protection.

Your strength always

Comforts me, consoles me, cares for me.

Happy Couple 2


You are a true and faithful friend.

Your love for me is steady, never-ending.


You encourage, you inspire, you entrust.

Thank you for spending, sharing, dedicating

Your life to walk

Alongside me.

–Delana H. Stewart

Valentine, candy heart, be mine, sweetheart candy

For my husband — who 25 valentine’s days ago pushed candy hearts across the table to me while his roommate serenaded us on his violin.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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