The Lost Art of Letter Writing

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Like most people today, I greatly appreciate being able to send messages quickly by text, email, Facebook, Skype, etc.

And, of course, I love publishing on blogs.

But, a recent packet in the mail reminded me of something very special–handwritten letters.

My dad recently helped my grandmother (who turns 90 this year) transition into an assisted-living apartment. They came across many letters that I had written to my grandparents as a child. I do not even remember writing these childhood letters and am amazed that my grandmother kept, no treasured, these letters all these years!

While I am very thankful that my great aunt (who turns 89 this year) keeps in touch with me via Facebook and email, looking at these handwritten letters this week gave me cause to ponder what my generation (and coming generations) are losing by no longer writing letters by hand.

With the packet, my dad also sent a collector coin from World War II. Originally, it was a Victory Medal given only to those who served. This coin belonged to my great-grandmother Betty Holland and was passed down to my grandfather (my great aunt’s brother) for his collection. Look closely and you will see that the medal says: Freedom from fear and want. Freedom of speech and religion.

If this motivates you to hand write a letter to someone today, comment and let me know!

WWII coin, victory medalWorld War II coin, victory medal, freedom from fear, freedom of religion

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3 thoughts on “The Lost Art of Letter Writing

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  3. I agree, it seems to be a dying art. I, too, was going through some old keepsakes last week and ran across many letters and cards from the past that I didn’t remember writing or receiving. It’s nice to have some of them to look back on–to jog the old memory that doesn’t work as well as it use to. LOL

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