What a Mama Does

In several countries today is Mother’s Day. In the U.S., mother’s day isn’t until May. But any day is a great day to celebrate our mothers! I noticed many people are viewing a poem I posted a year or two ago called: When a Daughter Understands. Here it is again in a new format.

mother daughter, mother baby, woman baby, mother's day

Note: Click on the poem to see it in larger type.Mother, Daughters, Poetry, Children, Family, Girls

Hope you enjoyed it!

How do you celebrate your mom?


If you like this poem, you might be interested in a a devotional book of stories and poems by Delana called Three Days at Sea.


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A Mother’s Love

One day I shared Jesus’ love with my child And he shared it with a friend. His friend touched another Who touched his brother, Who touched his family. And they reached out As far as they could see To touch a hurting world, By loving one another; All because a Mother’s love, From the Father […]  May 6, 2011 |

Faith for the Journey

Step by step He awards me faith for the journey…

Family, Mommy, Faith, Education, Inspiration


10 thoughts on “What a Mama Does

  1. Very nice, Delana! Loved seeing the pic again, and your poem is so true!

    Love you, Aunt Joyce and Uncle Robert

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  10. This poem puts into words what I’ve been feeling as I become a mother of two. Thank you for sharing and I’ll be giving you credit as I share this poem with my mother tomorrow!

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