What’s Happening in Delana’s World

Many of you know that I blog at locations other than Delana’s World. For recent posts on this blog, see the column to the right. For recent posts castle Germany, Black Forest, hikingon my other blogs, check out the new ones listed below. Blessings!

Nine Year Pregnancy has these new posts:

Another Friend’s Baby Shower (Is it Okay to be Angry?)

March 24, 2013–You want a child and don’t have one yet. Another friend invites you to a baby shower. You struggle emotionally and can’t seem to feel happy for her. Is it okay to feel angry? …

Pregnancy: A Divine Analogy

March 15, 2013– People use analogies every day. Writers use metaphors and similes to draw comparisons. When I wrote Nine Year Pregnancy I unknowingly stumbled upon a somewhat controversial analogy …

What to Expect the First Year After Adopting

February 5, 2013– Pregnancy and Adoption Here are some excellent articles you may enjoy reading that can offer some guidance or encouragement for that first year…

Three Days at Sea has these new posts:

The Education Cafe has these new posts:


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