Stories and Poems for a Mother’s Heart

by: Delana H. Stewartmothers, young children, mothers day

I wonder which came first: Mother’s Day in May or the game “Mother, May I”?

Here are some selections you might enjoy as a mom or to share with your mom.

A Mother’s Love –a poem

One day I shared Jesus’ love with my child And he shared it with a friend. His friend touched another Who touched[…]  May 6, 2011 |


If you like this poem, you might be interested in a devotional book of stories and poems by Delana called Three Days at Sea.

View and Purchase books by Delana H. Stewart.


For All Those Days (A mothers day tribute)

Honoring Mom–a poem to honor mom

Mama Mom, I will always love you. I cherish every moment that we’ve shared. Mom, You are loving, loyal, true. Your constant devotion keeps me  […]  May 5, 2011 |

Who is This Person I Call Mom?

By Delana H. Stewart “Who is this person I call Mom and why doesn’t she look like me?”  […] May 1, 2013 |

What a Mama Does

In several countries today is Mother’s Day. In the U.S., mother’s day isn’t until May. But any day is a great day to celebrate our mothers!   […] March 21, 2013 |

Stages to Becoming as Wise as Mom

As I reflect on the journey of life, there are many stages a girl goes through in gaining the wisdom of her mother.  […]    May 9, 2011 |

When a Daughter Understands

A Mother’s Day poem about the day when a daughter finally begins to understand the journey her mother experienced.

Tummy Mommy

I wish I was your tummy mommy and carried you inside of me. Then you wouldn’t have that empty space that time just cannot erase, nor … October 31, 2011

Heart Tears

While I was yet . . . kicking and screaming, You cared for me. While I was yet . . . hurt and hurting, You held me. While I was yet . . . unforgiving, You forgave me. While I was yet . . . running away, You sought me. While I was yet . […]  February 14, 2012 |

A Birth-mother Lets Go –Delana H. Stewart “She came to that moment when she had to do the hardest thing she would ever be called upon to do. She had to let him go.“ … Continue reading →
Mother’s Day for an Adoptive MotherA Time to Dance, a time to cry…
Waiting Expectantly (Don’t give up!)

Adoptive Mothers are Real Mothers, Too!

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