Adoptive Mothers are Real Mothers, Too!

Delana H. Stewart

Many well-meaning people ask adoptive mothers if the child who does not resemble them is their “real” child. From time-to-time an adoptedinternational adoption, transracial adoption, mom and daughter, mother and girl child will even say to his/her mother, “You’re not my REAL Mother!” By real both mean biological. With Mother’s Day weekend approaching, my daughter and I chose fun books from the library on mothers. I chose to review one of them–the one about adoptive mothers.

You’re Not My REAL Mother! by Molly Friedrich and illustrated by Christy Hale made us laugh. The little girl as illustrated in the story (easily based on the author’s own children from Guatemala) could also easily be from the Philippines, Thailand, or other South American or Asian countries. My daughter and I related well to the characters.

The mother and daughter go through many things in the course of a day/week from swimming and playing to brushing teeth and putting on bandages (the latter being something my daughter definitely could relate to–a love of putting on bandages). Throughout the story the mother says, “And does a real mother…” to which the answer is met with either a “yes” or an addition to the story line.

You’re Not My REAL Mother! is a great book anytime of the year, but it is an especially wonderful book for a child and adoptive mother to share on Mother’s Day.

After reading the story, my daughter grabbed the bowl of freshly-made popcorn and turned to me and said: “A real mother makes her daughter popcorn for an after-school snack!” …then kissed me on the cheek.

Happy Mother’s Day! And don’t forget to celebrate birthmothers, too! Please leave a comment and share your favorite Mother’s Day books.

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