I Choose You

By: Delana H. Stewart and Jade Stewart ©May 2013

Inspired by the poem “I Like You” by Sandol Stoddard Warburg, I wrote this poem collaborating with my daughter, told as if she were speaking to me. After reading it together, she hugged me and said the part that is now the last stanza of this poem. My high-school English teacher introduced me to the poem “I Like You,” which is now available as a book.

Happy Mother’s Day to birth mothers and adoptive mothers everywhere! May you be blessed!

I Choose You

I choose you and this is why.Giggle box, giggle girl

I choose you because every day you choose me.

I choose you because you know how to make me laugh,

And when I laugh, you laugh, and then I laugh some more.

And then you say, “Oops! Your giggle box turned over.”

And then I roll over and can’t stop laughing.

holding little girl, mom and daughterI choose you because you choose me even when I’m sad.

Sometimes when I’m sad I say I don’t love you.

But you know that’s not really true,

And you keep on choosing me,

So I keep on choosing you.

Sometimes I just need to cry and you cry with me.

Sometimes I don’t understand why, I just cry ‘cause a place deep inside me needs to cry.

You just hold me and say it’s okay to cry.

mad girl, making faces

I choose you because you choose me even when I’m mad.

I may say I hate you! You’re not my real mom!

I may say I want to run away.

You say, “Okay, where are we going?” and you go with me.

Then we hold hands and go for a little walk.

And then you say “Daddy must miss us,” so we decide to go home.

sleeping girl, bedtimeI choose you because when I am afraid at night you let me sleep in your room.

When the thunder is really loud, I tap you on the shoulder and say

Mommy snuggle me.

And you skooch over and make a place for me.

And when Daddy is away you let me take Daddy’s place in bed,

And we snuggle together all night long.

I choose you because when I need to talk about my tummy mommy that’s okay with you.

I tell you how I feel.

And you say you would feel that way, too.

I tell you I wish she were here and you say

“I wish I were your tummy mommy.”

And we talk about our wishes.

And we pray for my tummy mommy.

And then my heart feels better.

I choose you and this is why. woman girl, adoption

I choose you because you first chose me.

And I will keep on choosing you,

And you will keep on choosing me.

And we will keep on choosing each other forever because

That’s what we do.

I choose you because I like you so much,

And you like me so much,

And I like you so much . . .

And on and on and on.

You are my mommy that’s why I choose you.


If you like this poem, you might be interested in a devotional book of stories and poems by Delana called Three Days at Sea.


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