Soldiers in the City

In honor of the coming Memorial Day, not only remembering those who have fought for my freedom, but also remembering those who have given (and are giving) their lives for the Good News to be taken around the world…

In this city You have manyjavelins, knights, fighting, soldiers.

You are with us; You don’t desert us.

Our attackers, lay down their weapons.

Those who oppose us, shrink back in Jesus’ name.

To the end, to the end,

You’re always there!

I confess my wrongness.

I surrender my rights.

Lead me through the battle–

Through the days and nightsBible, man reading Bible.

Don’t let me lay down.

Don’t let me give up the fight.

In uniform I take my stand–

With belt of truth and sword in hand.

Slicing through the thick and black,

Hacking thorns and dodging bullets.

On my knees, raising my defensesraised hands, victory,

Resisting the enemy clenches.

 freedom, winner, libertyIn the end,

In the end,

I stand,

We win!

Delana H Stewart (c) July 2003

Also in honor of Memorial day (and the coming Fathers’ Day) see:

Fathers Free to Lead (Steel Towers)


4 thoughts on “Soldiers in the City

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