Fathers and Firebirds

DaddyPontiac, Firebird, sports car, fast car, black car, T-tops

We don’t look alike that’s true.

But they say we act alike, me and you.


We both like fast sports cars.

If I see one I like, then I tell you.

If you see one you like, then you tell me.

Sometimes we see one at exactly the same time and get all excited.

And you say, “Let’s go to the car show Saturday night.”

And we go.

And I take lots of pictures of the cars we like.


girl laughing, dad laughing, daughter laughingWe both like to tease.

If I put ice down your shirt when you’re not looking,

Then you put ice down my shirt when I’m not looking.

And we whisper and plan together to see who’s gonna put ice down mom’s shirt.

And when she screams then we blame each other –

“He did it!” I say.

“She did it!” you say.

And I roll on the floor laughing.

Then you laugh, too.

But not Mama.


We both hate the same foods. . .

Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, avocados, green peas.

Mama likes them but she doesn’t make me eat them

Since you won’t eat them either.

Thanks, Dad!

And we both love popcorn and ice cream and sunflower seeds.Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai elephant camp, Thailand elephant camp, Thailand scenery


So, even though you are tall and I am small,

And you are white and I am brown,

We both like to clown around

And drive through town

With the T-tops down;

And that’s not all

The ways in which we are the same . . .


Happy Father’s Day!

Written by D.H. Stewart about Jade and her dad. June (c) 2013

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