Gold-Rimmed Mirror

On this grandparent’s day, I think about my precious little grandson (my first grandchild!). I think about my parents who have been wonderful grandparents to my children. And, I think especially about my 90-year old grandmother, my only surviving grandparent. About a decade ago, I wrote a poem reflecting on childhood visits to my grandmother’s house. This is her first grandparent’s day not in her home…the home I have such fond memories of visiting.

Reflections in a Mirrorgold-rimmed mirror, reflections

by: Delana H. Stewart

I noticed first the jars of

hot preserves

sitting on her counter.

Freshly made.

Lying on the table

old black and white photographs


Her scent lingered in the air

from her favorite lotion

worn each day.

A basket in the closet revealed

the wooden spools with which

she let us play.

On her vanity, the powder duster;

across the chair, her dressing robe


With every visit that I made

from infancy through married life

Not much changed,

Except for our reflections

When we looked into

her fancy,

Gold-rimmed mirror!


Happy Grandparents’ Day!

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7 thoughts on “Gold-Rimmed Mirror

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  2. Wonderful Delana, I have fond memories of my Grandmother Janie Mildred mirrah Cryer Holland ,almost 80 years ago. She had an old coffee can full of buttons that I loved to play with , also each visit I had from them my granddaddy Jeff Holland gave me a quarter, which was a lot back then. Love you, Aunt Mildred

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