Can Exercise Improve My Memory?

Not too long ago I became a grandmother. Once I entered my 40’s I began noticing the tell-tale signs of the aging process: gray hairs, bones susceptible to fracturing, weak muscles, and yes, forgetfulness. While I know I need exercise for my continued physical health, can it improve my memory?

Learning New Things

I have often heard that one who continues to learn new things is able to improve her memory. My precious 89-year-old aunt has been a vivid role model for me of the relationship of trying new things to keeping the brain sharp. She reads WordPress blogs, posts on Facebook, and downloads e-books to her e-reader. She certainly is not afraid to try new things in our high-tech world.

Benefits of Exercise

Recently, a friend challenged me to do the 100-day Burpee Challenge. Knowing that my body is out of shape, I decided to go ahead and take the challenge and have successfully completed the first week. I’m already noticing a difference in my cardiovascular health and strength. Today, I even taught a neighbor how to do the beginner version (which is great for someone unable to complete a normal Burpee because of a health condition or some other reason).

Effects of Exercise on the Mindmind, head, brain

Today I read two articles on how physical exercise can create new brain cells, help you learn faster, and remember more! Some of the studies were done with sedentary people who began a 3-day a week walking regime. So, hopefully my daily Burpee routine will not only help my bones, muscles, lungs, and heart, but also improve my memory!

treadmill, exercise, scienceWhat are YOU doing to exercise your body and your mind?


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4 thoughts on “Can Exercise Improve My Memory?

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  2. Thanks Delana, I just now read what you said about me:) I still exercise each morning at 9:45 and then walk the halls, except Monday when we go out. Do my walking there for an hour. We still play cards each night and stay busy. Started crocheting more also, as we are having a craft show here this month. Hope all is well with you and your family. I love you and miss you. Aunt Mildred

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