Not of This World

To Bethlehem the couple came.

And in a stable stopped to rest.

In straw, by animals so tame,

A mom gave birth to child, with zest.

The baby Jesus was his name.

To save our souls, His given quest.

He came to darkness bringing light.

For aching hearts and crying souls;

And as a servant day and night

Taught us what we should make our goals:

To understand what’s just and right

And leave the rest to Him who knows.

A cry for love, a cry for peace.

‘Twas through His death we live by grace.

With outstretched arms I felt Him reach,

To gently wipe my tear-stained face.

Sent out into the world to teach,

About a wondrous dwelling place.

Fear not for what may come tomorrow.

Each day will care for itself.

Of life let God have full control.

Give up any claims to yourself.

Take up your cross and then follow.

Oh leave not your heart on the shelf.

(c)1998–Delana H Stewart

[In John 18:36, Jesus says, “My kingdom is not of this world.”]

Merry Christmas!

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