3 Benefits of Private Journaling (Whispers of Hope)

journal, journaling, prayer journal, books, notebookPerhaps every girl keeps a diary of sorts through the years. You know the kind .. . . a little book with a key hole and comes with one or two tiny keys. Perhaps now-a-days more girls keep electronic diaries, I’m not sure.

About thirty-two years ago I began journaling my prayers. Around the same time, many of my prayers came out lyrical or poetical. In a day in age where we tweet and blog about everything and anything, what are the benefits of keeping a private prayer journal? A private journal allows you all of the benefits below, plus the ability to filter what you then put out there for a broader audience.

Here are a few benefits of keeping a prayer journal:

  1. To remember how God has spoken to you through the year(s) from a variety of sources, such as: His Written Word, sermons, Bible studies, music, and godly people in your life.
  2.  To record requests you have set at the throne of grace and how He has answered those requests.
  3. To reflect upon spiritual milestones and markers in your life and review your spiritual growth.

Numerous times throughout my life, I have pulled out old prayer journals to remind myself how God has answered prayers and brought me through challenging times. Other times, my journals have shown me times I have wandered from fervently following Him.

Recently, B&H Publishing Group asked me to review Beth Moore’s new book Whispers of Hope: 10 Weeks of Beth Moore, Journal, Prayer, DevotionalDevotional Prayer. I will begin using this during my devotion time starting in February. Each day’s entry includes a scripture verse, a passage to look up, and a devotional from Beth Moore. Some of the days include poetry. From previous books I have read by Beth, I have surmised that many of the words she shares with us are likely birthed in her own prayer journals and journeys.

In this devotional book, she also offers plenty of space to reflect on what we have read, jot down our requests, as well as our praises. In her introduction she outlines the 10 weeks in a format called 70 days of P.R.A.I.S.E.  (which is an acronym that will guide our journaling time). She also says:

“Prayerless lives are powerless lives, and prayerful lives are powerful lives.”

While many people may prefer keeping their journaling notes in a separate book from where the devotions and verses are that they are reading, I am looking forward to having mine all in one place in her book.

Note: You can look inside this book on Amazon.com.

Do you journal your prayers? If so, tell me about a devotional book you have used to journey along with you?

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5 thoughts on “3 Benefits of Private Journaling (Whispers of Hope)

  1. Delana, I have vowed to keep a journal this year and started this morning. I’m terribly about writing daily, but am going to try. A very dear friend of mine passed away yesterday, so I feel that I’m in a place where God is trying to help me see that some things are much more important than others. I also just bought your book, 3 Days at Sea, and look forward to reading it. The book by Beth Moore also looks wonderful. I hope to also read that one soon. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    • Hi Marijane,
      I, too, have not been so good this past year about writing in my journals. I am thankful that each day God’s mercies are new…so even if we find ourselves halfway through 2014 and not journaling the way we start out the year, we know that we are given a new day every day to begin again.

      Sorry for the loss of your friend. I pray that God will speak to you deeply during the coming days/weeks/year as you miss this dear one.

      Thanks for buying my book. Let me know what you think once you read it. Happy New Year! Blessings!

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